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Expansion Gaps - Contraction Of Hardwood Floors Explained

Expansion Gaps - Contraction Of Hardwood Floors Explained "The flooring store said to leave one quarter inch gaps for expansion at the walls.now the boards are lifting off the floor." Ill informed advice like this often leads to floor problems.

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Wood Flooring Expansion Gap Guide - Wood and Beyond Blog

The term expansion gap, when used in conjunction with wood flooring refers to the space left around the edges of a room when a floor is fitted. Normally a space of between 10 and 15mm, it’s not a huge amount of space, but it’s enough to help prevent problems with wood flooring when it expands and contracts.

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How much Expansion Space or Gap do I Need? | LL Flooring

Perimeter expansion gap or spacing; It is understood that wood flooring will expand and contract in relation to the in-door humidity and temperature levels. Allow this normal movement in all installations by providing the recommended side or perimeter expansion gap or spacing per product.

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Installing Hardwood Flooring - Expansion Gap

The gap between the hardwood flooring and any obstruction should be a minimum of 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch is actually better, as shown in Figure 2. The larger the room, the larger the gap must be. This is because the hardwood flooring expansion occurs on each board.

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Expansion Gaps In Engineered Wood Flooring » ESB Flooring

Even though engineered wood flooring is made from plywood combined with a lamella or top layer made of solid wood, such floors are also affected by expansion and contraction caused by ambient conditions. It happens because wood is a natural product, thus expanding and contracting due to humidity and temperature fluctuations.

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Expansion Gaps In Engineered Wood Flooring | ESB Flooring

Is expansion gap always required? As far as the choice of the fitting methods is concerned, you've got many different options, the most frequent and the most popular being the glue-down method. The only case in which expansion gaps are not required for the engineered wood floor when working over large areas is a full glue-down fitting method.

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Expansion Space for Wood Floors | JLC Online

A dry subfloor plus correct flooring MC plus a lot of fasteners equals the best wood-floor performance. The simple fact is that when wood flooring is exposed to excessive moisture, the floor will cup—even if left with a quarter of a mile of expansion space.

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