how to remove and replace rotten railroad tie retaining wall

Diy Removing a Railroad Tie Retaining Wall

Railroad ties were wedged into each other and there's three trees lining that area along with a cable box and some sort of other electrical box of sorts. For the majority of the retaining wall I just used a short handled flat headed shovel to pry the railroad ties up and away from the bank.

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How to Repair Railroad Tie Retaining Walls | Hunker

Professionals can take several different approaches to repairing or replacing an old railroad tie retaining wall. The first thing a professional will do is assess your wall. If it cannot be repaired, they will need to remove the composite materials in a manner that complies with local disposal laws.

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How to Remove Railroad Ties | Home Guides | SF Gate

Remove each course of railroad ties from the retaining wall, starting with the top courses and working your way to the bottom railroad tie. Depending on the retaining wall construction, additional.

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Replacing Railroad Ties with Brick Retaining Wall | Extreme .

Not only did we build the new wall, but we also tore down the existing retaining wall made from railroad ties. Removal of Existing Retaining Wall Material. We began the project with the tear-down of the existing timber wall and the proper disposal of that material. (Most homeowners don’t realize, this type of old railroad tie needs to be .

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replacing RR tie retaining wall with blocks | DIY Home .

If you have room to bring the wall out a couple feet, the easiest approach would be to dig a channel about 12 inches deep. Fill and compact the channel with packer gravel and lay your first row of blocks. Make sure that they are perfectly level across at least 3 blocks. If you don't, the unevenness will increase as you stack vertically.

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Railroad Tie Retaining Walls – Repair or Replace? | Piedmont .

USE AN EXPERIENCED RETAINING WALL EXPERT Using a contractor that is an expert in limited access drilling will have the tools and the skills necessary to stabilize the old wall in place. The company can trim back the bushes and trees around the work area to expose the wall fully.

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How would I remove a railroad tie retaining wall? | Hometalk

Try placing a concrete block about 12" away from the outside edge of the ties. One block on each end. Then place a crowbar under each end of the ties and rest the other end on the concrete blocks. Have a friend stand on the end of one crow bar and you stand on the other.

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