interlocking dry stacking block

Mortarless Dry-Stacked Interlocking Masonry System

A mortarless dry-stacked interlocking masonry system consists of Interlocking compressed earth blocks (ICEB) or concrete interlocking blocks or fly-ash interlocking blocks that are laid dry-stacked or with minimum mortar slurry in a stretcher bond in a wall.

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EZ Stack Blocks - Mortarless Dry Stacking Block System

The building block system that will save 50% of your Time & Cost to construct typical CMU walled 4 Quick and easy to install, the interlocking design provides the look of block and mortar WE ARE EZSTACK BLOCK

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The interlocking features of dry-stack units improve alignment and leveling, reduce the need for skilled labor and reduce construction time. Floor and roof systems can be supported by mortarless walls with a bond beam at the top of the wall which expedites the construction process.

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Dry stack block surface bonded concrete block walls used for .

No need for importing expensive special 'interlocking dry stack blocks'. Locally sourced common concrete or cinder blocks are fine. Dry stack block with SBC was never the primary focus of our HTM design, simply an economical construction option for homeowner-builders.

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Mortarless Dry Stacked Interlocking Masonry System - Happho

Dry stacked interlocking masonry system, as the name signifies is a system of arranging masonry blocks in such a way that they interlock each other, this is a mortar less system. The blocks are arranged in stretcher bond usually.

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Interlocking Stacking Blocks Used For Retaining Walls & More .

Interlocking Stacking Blocks Used For Retaining Walls & More Used to build retaining walls or decorative barriers, our interlocking stacking blocks are available in sizes conducive to scaling to a large or small project.

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EZ Stack Blocks - Mortarless Block Building

• Title: Interlocking Masonry Block • U.S. patent #8,800,230 issued on 08-12-2014 • Title: STACKING MASONRY BLOCK SYSTEM WITH TRANSITION BLOCK AND UTILITY GROOVE RUNNING THERETHROUGH. Dry Stack Block Construction is an Acceptable Building Process • Dry Stack block process is an acceptable building process and is referenced in standard .

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