stem of a retaining wall

Basics of Retaining Wall Design

4. Building Codes and Retaining Walls 5. Forces on Retaining Walls 6. Earthquake (Seismic) Design 7. Soil Bearing and Stability 8. Designing the Cantilever Wall Stem 9. Footing Design 10. Pier and Pile Foundations 11. Counterfort Retaining Walls 12. Cantilevered Tilt-Up Walls 13. Wood Retaining Walls 14. Gravity Walls 15. Gabion Walls 16 .

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Types of Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall and Their Parts

Counterfort retaining wall consists of a stem, toe slab and heel slab as in case of cantilever retaining wall. But it also consists of counterforts are regular interval which divides the stem. The stem with combination of counterfort behaves like a tee-beam with varying width.

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Concrete Retaining Walls - How to Build Poured Walls - The .

In general, the top of the stem of any cast concrete retaining wall should not be less than 12 inches for the proper placement of concrete. Concrete retaining wall footing size The depth to the bottom of the base slab should be kept at a minimum of two feet.

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What is a Stem Wall? |

The stem wall is, effectively, part of the foundation. Though not the part of the building that is underfoot — what we would normally consider the only foundation — it anchors the foundation to the ground. A building is strengthened by a well-constructed stem wall, partially due to the fact that the concrete is poured in one continuous action.

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Worked Example: Retaining Wall Design | The Structural World

H: Height of the retaining wall; L: Width of the base; D: Thickness of the base; B: Width of the toe; C: Stem thickness at the bottom; T: Stem thickness at the top; 2. Approximate Proportions of a Cantilever Retaining Wall. The next thing to consider is the assumptions that we can make in terms of the geometry of the retaining wall that we are .

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What is a Stem Wall? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK

Stem walls are supporting structures that are used as a means of joining the foundation of a building with the vertical walls constructed on the foundation. The wall is often constructed with the use of concrete and steel, and works with the foundational slab to create a solid basis for the building.

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