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How to Install Tongue-and-Groove Porch Flooring | how-tos | DIY

Begin Laying Flooring From the wall, measure one board-width and snap a chalk-line. Lock the boards into place, then face-nail the first row of boards, then use a pneumatic flooring nailer to nail each nail into the tongue of the board.

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How to Install Porch Flooring | how-tos | DIY

Install z-bar flashing between porch frame and house (Image 1), allowing moisture to run away from house. Add 2x4 blocking for the porch floor to rest upon (Image 2). Add a ledger strip next to the house to allow the porch floor to be nailed to. Step

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How to Nail Down a Tongue & Groove Wooden Floor Without a .

Pry warped boards together before nailing with a large slot screwdriver. Pound the screwdriver into the subfloor with a hammer near the edge of the board you are installing and place a scrap piece.

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Do's and Don'ts for Outdoor Nail Use - Old House Journal Magazine

For cedar, redwood, or pressure-treated wood, a 8d x 2 3/8 stainless steel nail is excellent for face nailing. The head matches the texture of the wood, and you can drive the nail flush without splitting the surrounding material. That's a plus if you decide to use the nails with tongue-and-groove Douglas fir porch flooring.

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How to Nail Tongue & Groove Boards | eHow

Tongue-and-groove boards are used in a number of construction designs, such as wood flooring, ceilings, walls and wainscoting. Tongue-and-groove boards are available in a wide variety of wood types.

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How to Choose a Finish Nailer - This Old House

These nailers are a great option for large interior and exterior casing when nailing into studs (not the jamb), installing pre-hung doors, stair treads or risers, baseboard, and crown—things that require good holding power in the material that can be filled and painted or stained. The hole is substantial compared to the other options.

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