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Benches Dimensions & Drawings | Dimensions.com

The height of a bench is typically between 18 and 20 inches (46-51 cm). Although this is the average range, the height of a bench is dependent on its use. How deep are benches? Benches can have a depth anywhere from 15-20 inches (38-51 cm), although the typical bench used for dining is considered to be around 17 ½ inches (44 cm).

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Custom Bench Seat - (49"-68") | PRP Seats

Build a custom bench seat for just about any vehicle. Measure the widest point and PRP can build your bench from 30” to 68” wide. Order your bench at full depth to match the size of your Classic Series seats or as a Rear Bench Seat to allow for more leg room.

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Custom Seat, Bench & Back Cushions | FoamOrder

Custom Cushion Seating Height The top of seat cushions should generally be between 18" and 20" when measuring from the floor. Any taller than this and some people won’t be able to rest their feet comfortably on the floor. When designing seating, build the top of your platform or bench 14" to 16" from the ground.

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Reference: Common Dimensions, Angles and Heights for Seating .

For a more coherent set of workstation dimensions including the numbers for seating/worksurface on the same page, you may want to refer to the drawings below, from Ernest Irving Freese's Architectural Record. However, be aware: There are no measurements for computer monitors in these drawings—because they were developed way back in 1932.

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Dimensions for Outdoor Benches | Hunker

Bench seats tend to sit somewhere around 16 inches high. Depending on what height is comfortable for you, choose from heights between 14 and 19 inches above the ground.

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Custom Bench Cushions: Pick Your Own Size & Material

Add beauty, comfort, and extra seating to any bench with a stylish custom Bench Cushion. Designed by you; made with love by Hearth and Home. Order yours today! Start Your Custom Cushion Quote Now! As soon as we receive your request we will begin working on a custom quote within 24 hours!

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