my neighbor built a 10foot fence

How to deal with neighbors 10 feet privacy fence?

My neighbors built 10 feet high fence right on the border of our properties. They have a pond with waterfall on their lot and call it a "swimming pool" just to pull this fence out of our local fence regulations. The fence doesn't enclose poll, rather just divides properties.

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What to Do if a Neighbor Builds a Fence on Your Property .

If your survey offers proof that your neighbor's fence was actually erected on your property, you have every right to ask for that portion of the fence to be moved. Put that request in writing, and.

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What's a Spite Fence and What Can I Do About the One My .

A spite fence does not fall from the clear blue sky. Spite is an emotion, and your neighbor would feel compelled to construct an annoying fence only if he or she was feeling strong emotions towards you. In other words, the fence is the symptom, not the disease.

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Can Your Neighbor Build a Fence On the Property Line .

Adverse Possession Claims If your neighbor builds a fence on the property line, then most states make it clear that the responsibilities are split between both homeowners. Problems arise when you believe that a neighbor has built a fence on your land, thus reducing the size of the property available to you.

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Can my neighbor build a fence on the property line

Can I build a fence next to my Neighbours? If your fence is set within your boundary, which a lot of people do as then they do not have to ask their neighbors for permission to erect a fence, then your neighbors should not have attached their fence to yours as the fence front and back completely belongs to you.

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Why Can't You Have Fences Over a Certain Height in the Front .

If you went ahead and built a fence that was 7 feet tall, it’s generally only going to be an issue if someone complains. And even then, there’s no guarantee anything will come of that complaint, particularly if your neighbors wait awhile before complaining or the structure was there before a new neighbor who then decides to complain moved in.

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Property Line and Fence Laws in Ohio - wpc

Determining Responsibility for a Line Fence. There are three "rules" for determining each neighbor's responsibility for a line fence. Which rule applies depends on when the fence was built: Built Before September 30, 2008. Fences that were built before the law revision in 2008 are governed by an equitable shares rule.

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