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Oakum is a rope made of flax fibres drenched in pine tar (or Stockholm tar) and makes for a terrific caulking method to seal joints or fill gaps in timber. These fibres are driven into the wedge-shaped seam between planks or in large holes. The caulking is then covered over with linseed oil putty.

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Oakum can be used between the logs to seal out the elements…and in traditional wooden boat building…and some plumbing with caste iron pipes…placed in the control joints in concrete (we’ve heard both vertical and horizontal)…lots of uses. Made of Natural Fibre Jute, The ‘Oiled’ is treated with Bentonite (a naturally occuring mineral often used in sealing ponds), and heavy weight .

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Oakum - Fisheries Supply: Marine Supplies & Boat Supplies .

This oakum is made in England -- where the tradition of wooden boat building borders on the religious -- so you know it's the good stuff. Caulking is the process of sealing the gaps between wooden hull or deck planks using fibers such as oakum (typically hemp or jute treated to prevent rot) and cotton, along with traditional pitch or modern seam [sealing] compounds.

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Oak Beams, Air Dried Oak, Solid Oak Flooring, Oak Posts .

All the oak on the UK Oak website is sourced from more than one European country to enable continuity of supply and of course the best quality! All of our suppliers work carefully with their environment to carefully husband their surroundings and PEFC and FSC certificates are available upon request by contacting us.

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Traditional Boat Supplies Ltd

Store information. Traditional Boat Supplies Ltd Rolt's Boat Yard, Hanover Place Albion Dockside Estate Bristol BS1 6TZ United Kingdom Call us: 01173305950 Email us: [email protected]

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Nupak Oakum | Oakum for the plumbing, marine, log home .

About Nupak Oakum. Nupak Oakum has been manufactured just outside of New Orleans in Kenner, Louisiana since 1953. The product was developed in 1937 by a young Los Angeles plumber Duane H. Tollstrup and has just three ingredients. Brown Oakum is made from jute, burlap, oil and Bentonite. It is used in the plumbing, construction, equine, marine .

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Oakum 5 lb Box - Log Home Supplies & Log Home Restoration .

Super Golden Oakum 5 lb. Box contains 12 ropes, 27" long by 1" diameter. (Oiled.) Cannot Be Sold or Shipped to Canada. Oakum or "jute", has been used in log building for more than a hundred years and works well as a filler because it is pliable, a good insulator, resists decay, and repels insects and rodents.

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Marinestore is a family owned and operated yacht chandlers - a thriving "bricks & mortar" and on-line mail order chandlery with 4 separate retail outlets, each of which contains stock and equipment suitable for the local requirements.

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